NZ’s Earshots Sets Sights on Australia with Bikecorp Partnership

Melbourne, Victoria

An NZ earphone company seeking to re-define the adventure wireless earphone market with its patented, world-class technology has partnered with distributor Bikecorp to launch its magnetic earphones in cycling retail stores across Australia.

Earshots, based in the South Island town of Cromwell, produces earphones for mountain biking, road cycling, trail running and other active pursuits. Their unique design uses magnets to securely grip the earphones in place so they won’t dislodge, fall off or generally become a distraction.

Earshots founder James Bell-Booth created the design after losing his earphones while mountain biking in Tongariro National Park, in preparation for NZ’s iconic T42 adventure race.

The frustration of constantly having the readjust his earphones after they fell out or dislodged motivated him to create a solution.

Man wearing Earshots earbuds
The Earshots earbuds can be adjusted for the rider’s ear, without the need for plastic or silicon wings or tips. Photo Credit: Earshots.

His design was recently patented in the US and Australia, markets that represent a large proportion of the $85 billion annual headphone market.

Users can adjust the earbuds to their ears, without the need for commonly used – and thrown away – plastic or silicon wings and tips.

In July 2021, Earshots raised $2 million (A$1.795 million) in growth capital from investors including former GoPro global chief marketing officer Todd Ballard and GoPro’s former head of Asia Pacific Retail Distribution, Rodney Block.

“The company has something truly unique that solves a real problem in sport audio,” according to Todd, who is now an Earshots board member.

The company has invested significantly in developing world class audio quality, true wireless connectivity and refined ergonomic design.

From humble beginnings during NZ’s nationwide Covid lockdown, Earshots has grown its user base to more than 4,500 riders and runners across NZ, Australia, the US and UK.

Bikecorp product manager Neil Watson said the Australian distributor is look forward to building a strong chain of retail outlets in the bicycle and running markets.

Earshots are available from specialist retailers across Australia. For retailer enquiries, contact

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