Anaconda: Sold Out… But Still Discounting

A visit to a local Anaconda Store during mid-August revealed a bicycle section completely devoid of all adult bikes. There were a handful of children’s bike models.

Normally there would be at least a dozen or more adult bikes on display, but a helpful salesperson explained that, like most other bike retail outlets, they haven’t been able to keep stock on the floor for months.

They were getting in a few bikes each week, which were quickly selling out.

Yet bewilderingly, in front of the empty bike section was a sign offering 40% off all Fluid bikes, which is Anaconda’s house brand. The special was for Anaconda Adventure Club members only from 29th July to 16th August 2020. Membership is free.

During this unprecedented time when dealers have reported being able to sell their oldest stock in the least popular sizes and colours at full retail price, it seems surprising that Anaconda would be offering such a huge discount.

Normally this whole aisle would be filled with bikes.

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