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Knog Announces New Partnership with Wide Open Distribution


On 15th August, Melbourne based design company Knog announced a new partnership with Wide Open Distributors in New Zealand. Knog has been designing and producing bicycle products and accessories for over 15 years and has been selling products into the New Zealand market for seven of those years.

Previously, Knog had partnered with Bikes International. “We are very thankful for our past partnership with Bikes International, but we are very excited about forging a new relationship with Wide Open, one that benefits us, and the New Zealand market,” said Knog co-founder Hugo Davidson.

Wide Open Distribution currently sells brands such as Chris King, ENVE, Stan’s, Stages, and many others. CEO Matt Whitaker said, “We are very excited to add a top tier brand like Knog to our diverse portfolio, and we are super excited to bring some of the best bicycle accessories to New Zealand for our adventure driven market.”


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