Brisbane Companies Align to Maximise Market Opportunities

Brisbane, Queensland

E-Bike manufacturer Moov8 has joined forces with fellow Queensland company Advance Traders to boost the brand’s presence in the Australian market.

The Brisbane company was established a little of a year ago to create e-bikes, scooters and other mobility devices and announced this month it had signed Advance Traders as the Australian distributor for its e-bike range.

Advance Traders brand manager Josh Strickland said the two companies would be working together to develop e-bikes for the local market and Australian conditions.

Moov8 had been doing its own marketing and distribution as it sought to “make Australia more liveable by reducing short-distance car trips and pollution by providing smart zero-emission electric bikes and scooters”.

It’s now tapping into the distribution and marketing experience of Advance Traders, as well as its insight into the Australian market, Josh said.

“Moov8 is moving quickly to develop new products. They have a small team and they’re out in the marketplace talking to customers to identify holes in the market,” he said.

“They’ll now be able to pitch an idea to us and we’ll work together to develop it.

“From our perspective, Moov8 is an exciting niche brand doing products that aren’t in our existing range.”

Moov8 currently offers two e-bike models: the M1 folding bike with Moov8’s own motor and swappable battery and the X commuting model with a 250-watt Bafang Motor and Samsung swappable battery.

Moov8 M1 Folding Ebike
Moov8’s M1 model comes with the company’s own motor and swappable battery.

“The partnership made sense, to look at developing a new range and concepts,” Josh said.

“Moov8 bikes are currently being sold by about 30 retailers and we’re looking to keep it pretty niche. We’re aiming to increase it to about 40 stores in the next couple of years.”

In addition to promotions by Advance Traders, Moov8 will continue to do its own marketing, incorporating its other products, including the i-finch personal mobility folding rideable, the Trotter MAGwheel and S1 scooter.

Advance Traders is also the distributor for one of Australia’s largest e-bike manufacturers, VelectriX, which has been building electric bikes for more than a decade.

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