New Models and Italian Base for Benzina Zero

Brisbane, Queensland

E-Mobility manufacturer Benzina Zero is continuing its steady ascendance with the release of three new models in spring – e-mopeds the Vasto and V-50 and the company’s first e-scooter, the V-10.

The Vasto has a classic European scooter style and has been named after the town that is home to Benzina’s new European headquarters in Italy.

It sits in contrast to the hyper-modern Duo that earned plenty of attention in Australia and overseas for Brisbane-based company.

The V-50 veers more closely to the Duo’s more modern styling, with its magnesium alloy frame for durability. The frame incorporates a removable lithium battery for easy charging, a dedicated phone app for on-the-go monitoring and control and the option to add a carry basket under the seat for additional storage capacity.

The V-10 is engineered around a one-piece, lightweight magnesium alloy frame highlighting the gusset design and incorporating LED feature lighting.

Benzina says e-scooters are the future of urban transportation.

“As cities, towns and urban areas have become denser, there has been a huge shift towards smaller modes of personal transport. We are right behind this shift,” it says.

Italian Headquarters for Benzina Zero

Benzina Zero launched its European headquarters in Vasto in July.

As the company lays down its roots in a location regarded as Italy’s greenest region, it has also been conducted test rides in the market for its mopeds and scooters.

“Having already planted our roots down in Australia, we look forward to broadening our horizon to new markets in Europe,” the company said.

Zoomo Collaboration

Benzina recently began a partnership with mobility as a service company Zoomo, continuing a succession of new partnerships for the Sydney-based company.

Zoomo is incorporating Benzina Zero’s Duo+ mopeds into its offering for food delivery services, initially offering them for rent through its Sydney outlet.

“We are thrilled to announce that the rollout will continue in the coming months, reaching Brisbane and Melbourne soon,” Zoomo announced in a statement.

It says the Duo+ mopeds’ robust design, top speed of 65km and 95km maximum range makes it well suited to urban deliveries, along with rear, front and side racks that can be customised.

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