Pinion First for Integrated Drive and Gearbox Systems

Frankfurt, Germany

The world’s first integrated e-bike drive and gearbox shift system to go into production has been unveiled by German company Pinion, 13 years after it revolutionised the market with the release of its 18-speed e-bike gearbox.

The Pinion Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU) incorporate a brushless full-power electric motor and the company’s gearbox, with up to 12 speeds, in a compact package the size and weight of ordinary e-bike mid-engine motors with separate transmissions.

“Actuated through electronic shifting and powered by Pinion’s own hardware and software, it’s the heart and soul of a completely new drive system for e-bikes,” the manufacturer declares in a statement.

While the MGU was revealed at last month’s Eurobike 2023, the Frankfurt show also featured a considerable number of bikes already fitted with the new system.

They included German manufacturer Simplon’s e-MTB Rapcon Pmax Pinion.

The MGU won the top prize, a Gold Award, at Eurobike, which described the system as the next generation of e-bike technology that would transform modern e-bike design.

“All drive components, motor, shifting system, sensor and control technology are specifically developed to work together like never before. The result is a virtually maintenance- and wear-free drivetrain in one unit,” the awards declared.

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