Sinking in the Boot for High Brow Commuting

Frankfurt, Germany

Cycling shoes have hit a new high for fashion, with shoes specialist QUOC releasing the first elastic-sided boot with SPD compatibility.

The UK-based business, with an office in Brisbane, released its Chelsea Boot just three weeks before displaying them at Eurobike.

Founder Quoc Pham, who previously worked in the fashion industry, said the boots’ high sides and waxed suede were designed to provide comfort in cold and harsh conditions, while providing commuters with a stylish shoe that fits in at the office.

Established 13 years ago, QUOC has always focused on cycling shoes, with an emphasis on making “shoes that disappear under your feet so you enjoy the ride more”.

The Chelsea Boot’s water proof suede upper is complemented by recycled rubber soles and reflective features up the back to increase rider visibility.

The suede upper dues break away QUOC’s general focus on creating vegan shoes with its other models.

Quoc said in the brief period since its launch, the Chelsea Boot has been well received in the UK and US west coast. With Australia’s love of Blundstone boots, he’s hopeful of a similar reaction in Australia, where QUOC is aiming to boost its presence.

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