TEBCO Crackdown on Unassembled Bike On-selling

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne-based e-bike company TEBCO has foreshadowed it will soon implement a new distribution system it hopes will prevent resellers from forwarding its bikes unassembled to consumers.

In an email update to its retails, the company cited instances of boxed TEBCO bikes being sent to consumers and assembled incorrectly, leading to claims for refunds.

“Never will TEBCO allow sales of its products to be bastardised in this fashion,” TEBCO managing director Tony Morgan declared in the correspondence.

“Rather, watch this space – we are working on a brand new concept linking TEBCO – resellers – customers which hopefully will become a major plank of sales of TEBCO products across Australia.

“TEBCO will not supply product to any reseller if it is their intention to on-sell / on-forward boxed, unassembled units. We will support brick and mortar resellers to the hilt.”

Tony revealed the company had “flatly refused” an offer late last year to partner with electronics and furniture retailer Harvey Norman to drop-ship product direct to consumers.


  1. Grant Bull on 24th March 2023 at 5:54 pm

    Friend of mine in Newcastle bought a Tebco Ebike on my recommendation and had several issues that we sorted out over the phone from W.A. It was assembled, but was a bit amateurish – looked like School kids work. He now takes it elsewhere in Newcastle for service. Great product, badly presented.

  2. John Droz on 24th March 2023 at 11:27 am

    Great to see someone by passing short term dollars for long term ethics and supporting IBD

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