Volvo Partners with The Classics Gran Fondo Series

These days motor vehicle companies are becoming increasingly keen to associated with cycling. 

An example of this was Volvo’s collaboration in a major research and safety campaign with Swedish helmet company POC, and more recently when Volvo launched the world’s first cyclist and pedestrian detection and collision avoidance system. 

Volvo Car Australia recently formalized a two-year partnership with Bicycling Australia, host of the Classics series Gran Fondo events. 

James Yaffa, Publisher of Bicycling Australia and Founder of the Classics, said, “We look forward a long-standing partnership with Volvo and believe we can make a strong contribution to their stellar performances of late.” 

Stephen Connor, Managing Director of Volvo Car Australia, said partnering with Bicycling Australia is a natural fit for the brand.  

“Bicycling Australia’s focus on providing high-quality information helping cyclists become better riders aligns with our personal, safe and sustainable mantra. We look forward to working with the team at Bicycling Australia by elevating the message of safety and caring for all road users.” 

Mr Yaffa said the past 12-months have seen the recreational cycling market boom, further boosting the popular Gran Fondo events. 

“Couple the bike boom with major events like ours, and the sport is being taken to new levels with a wider audience and demographic,” he said. 

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