Electronic Upgrade for Shimano 105

Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Shimano’s 105 group set has been upgraded to electronic shifting, as the model celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The move to Di2 electronic shifting technology for the 105 R7100 group also incorporates a step up from 11 speed to the company’s flagship 12-speed system.

Shimano 105’s Di2 utilises a hybrid system, with a wireless cockpit paired with a wired connection between a single, seat-tube-stored battery and the front and rear derailleurs.

Like the Dura-Ace and Ultegra groups, the 105 Di2 system can be customised using Shimano’s E-TUBE PROJECT smartphone app, to adjust shift speed, altering the number of shifts per button activation, and utilising synchronized and ‘semi-synchro’ shifting functionality.

The 105 R7100 group will retail for $2,740.

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