Global Trade Show News: IAA Mobility and Eurobike

Munich, Germany

IAA Mobility has firmed its challenge as the premier micromobility trade show in Germany – and, potentially, the globe – by announcing two significant partnerships for its second instalment this September.

The biennial Munich-based show, part of the long-standing IAA Summit automobile show, late last month announced it will again host the World Cycling Forum, which is also held biennially and is conducted by the World Federation Sporting Goods Association.

The focus of this year’s forum will include the effects of the circular economy on the bike industry and preparing for digital innovation in mobility.

The two events joined forces in 2021, when IAA first branched out to embrace e-mobility with a goal to be the world leader in bringing together “the entire spectrum of climate-friendly mobility”.

The announcement of their continued partnership comes a few weeks after IAA declared it will also host the fourth annual International Cargo Bike of the Year Awards.

Eurobike Sustainability Forum

Many of the greatest sustainability challenges facing the cycling industry – and its most promising solutions – will be explored at a new Big Sustainability event being held at Eurobike 2023.

The Big Sustainability Event, on Friday 23rd June, will include the launch of a Cycling Industry Climate Pledge, as well as a presentation of the prototype on a European platform for sustainable materials by Velo LAB.

A shift in European Union policy is demanding companies conform to new international standards on transparency and traceability, including batteries, critical raw materials, packaging, carbon tariffs, and digital services. Ambitious, stricter rules on environmental reporting and performance are swiftly changing the regulatory landscape.

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