Harley Offshoot Now Pioneering e-Bike Connectivity

Serial 1’s Mosh / Cty

Milwaukee, US The poster child of noisy motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, has continued its move into micromobility by becoming one of the first manufacturers to incorporate Google Cloud connectivity into its e-bikes. The US company’s e-bike arm, Serial 1, last week launched its second-generation CTY e-bikes with the enhanced connectivity, to capture ride data, improve security and…

Harley-Davidson Ebike Launch Generates Blaze of Publicity

Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 name is derived from its first motorcycle, built in 1903.

Famous American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has just launched its first production ebike and with it, a whole new brand and company division.  Known as Serial 1 Cycle Co., the brand takes its name from “Serial Number One,” the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle.  As you can see from the photos accompanying this article, the bike is aimed…

Harley Davidson Enters the Bicycle Market

Harley Davidson Ebike Pedelec 2019

Four years after introducing their LiveWire electric motorcycle program, on 23rd August 2019 Harley Davidson presented three ebike prototypes. They released a photograph, but no technical information. The urban style pedalec bikes appear to have only one brake lever to operate both front and rear brakes.