Where to Advertise

Today’s media landscape is more diverse than at any time in our history. That means that you have more options than ever to choose where you advertise. But which ones are right for you?

In this episode, we’ll take you through all of the main options, divided into two groups: ‘new media’ and ‘old media’.

Of course, new media refers to all things online. In just two decades, new media had grown from next to nothing to about half of the total market.

But that doesn’t mean that old media, which includes newspapers, TV, radio, magazines and billboards, is no longer relevant or about to disappear entirely.

  • In all cases to spend your money most effectively, you need to be able to answer the questions:
  • Who exactly are the potential customers you’re trying to reach?
  • What sorts of media are they consuming?
  • When and how are they consuming that media?
  • How cost-effectively can you reach each potential customer via each of these media options?

This episode will give you more helpful details and case studies.

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