Health, Diet and Exercise

You are not a machine! Your state of health directly affects how well you perform in your business.

Physical, mental and spiritual health are areas that I’ve paid a lot of time and attention to in my own life. So I’m motivated to share all the hard-won experience that I’ve learned, especially with fellow business owners when they’re struggling.

Every year as we get older, good health becomes more important to us.

If you want to maximise your success in business, one of the best places to start is to look after all aspects of your health. You’ll be doing no one any favours in the long run if you take on the ‘martyr syndrome’ and put the welfare of your business or even your team members ahead of your own health.

At first glance, that might sound selfish, but as they say in the airline safety briefings, ‘Fit your own oxygen mask before helping children or others around you.’ Why? Because if you’re not breathing well then you can be of no help to your child or anyone else.

In this video you’ll learn to pay equal attention to three key aspects of health; physical, mental and spiritual, which we now know are closely interrelated.

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