Advances for Afton Shoes

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Given the supply chain and availability issues that many brands have faced in recent times, you’d think that new product development could have slipped down the priority list a little. Well according to local distributor KWT Imports, that’s certainly not the case for Afton Shoes, as their entire line-up has undergone a substantial revision. For mid-2021 they’re launching an all-new flat-pedal specific shoe called the Cooper. They’ve enlisted a new cycling specific supply chain for its construction and developed their own rubber compound that’s said to equal the market leaders when it comes to pedal traction. The Cooper has mid-height ankles and aims to blend durable materials with urban looks and a reasonable price—it retails for around $159.95.

Another all-new model is the Royce; a clipless shoe that’s targeted at the gravel, road and cyclocross markets. Retailing for $179.95, it features a dial closure mechanism with understated looks and they’re said to weigh just 592g a pair.

AFTON Royce Shoes
The new Royce is a clipless shoe that’s targeted at the gravel, road and cyclocross markets.

While the Vectral isn’t a new name in the range, the new version of their clipless-compatible MTB shoe has been completely revamped. The outsole is unchanged but the model now has a stiffer shank—a modification that stemmed from pro-rider feedback from big-names such Jerome Clementz, Neko Mulally and the 100% Commencal team using this shoe. Additionally, they’re now employing a revised rubber compound that aims to provide the right amount of traction while allowing easy release from clipless pedal systems. The Vectral also retails for $179.95.

The US designed shoe brand isn’t the only arrow in the KWT quiver, they’re also the Australian distributor for Funn pedals. Funn is huge in the MTB world and they have sponsored many top-tier pros over the years. Popular options include the Funndamental; an easy-to-service alloy flat pedal that runs sealed bearings, comes in a wide range of colours and sells for $149.

Funndamental Pedal
The popular Funndamental is an easy to service alloy flat pedal that runs sealed bearings.

Their most popular model is the Black Magic; a high quality nylon composite flat pedal that retails for $80. As the name suggests, the pedal body is black but you can customise its appearance with a range of coloured pins; they’re supplied with black and gold pins but red, green and blue are also offered in aftermarket kits.

Black Magic and Mamba S Funn Pedals
The popular Funn Black Magic and the new Funn Mamba S pedals.

Their newest model is the Mamba S; retailing for $199 they feature a large external platform that surrounds a compact clipless mechanism, allowing this pedal to adapt to varying situations. Funn offers two versions of the Mamba S; there’s the dual-sided clipless version and a single-sided option that pairs a clipless mechanism on one side with a dedicated flat pedal platform on the other. As an added bonus, the Mamba S is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats, so spares availability should never pose an issue.

Check out the full line-up of Funn products and Afton Shoes at or call 07 5445 1991 to talk to the KWT Import team.

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