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Since Bont Cycling branched out into the cycling market in 2008, this small Aussie owned company has maintained a strong focus on producing high-end shoes that deliver maximum performance for pro-level racers. While the goal of obtaining elite-level efficiency remains, their latest shoe aims to do so at a far lower price-point.

The new ‘Motion’ retails for just $129.95, yet it retains all of the key design features that make Bont Cycling shoes so distinctive. Its deeply contoured wrap-around sole closely mirrors the anatomical efficiency of their pro-level shoes but with revised shaping that makes the Motion suitable for a wider range of foot shapes and sizes. The fibreglass sole construction may add weight (at 320g each, they’re around 200g a pair heavier than the high-end uni-directional carbon fibre models) but it makes the pricing far more attractive.

Bont Motion Sole
Revised shaping makes the Motion suitable for a wider range of foot shapes and sizes.

Instead of a complex dial mechanism, the Motion relies on a three-strap velcro closure. This combines with an anti-stretch microfibre upper—not overly fancy but totally functional and effective. Mesh inserts aid airflow for warm-weather riding, as do the strategically placed ventilation ports. You also get replaceable sole guards – just like the more expensive models – which is sure to appeal to the budget conscious buyer.

Offered in either black or white, the Motion is compatible with both three-hole Look/Shimano road cleats, as well as two-hole SPD cleats via an adaptor plate (sold separately).

Bont Motion in Black
The Bont Motion is offered in black or white.

Unlike the higher priced models, the Motion will be available to all retail stores – it’s not exclusive to Bont Cycling dealers. As always, Bont Cycling remains a strong supporter of cycling in Australia via the National Track Cycling program, NSW Institute of Sport and other cycling advocacy groups such as the Bicycle Network and Bicycle Queensland.

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