On the Pulse for Growing Massage Movement

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More cyclists, from many disciplines, are giving greater attention to proactive recovery, and Pulseroll’s percussion guns offer an affordable, simple and effective way for riders to take recovery into their own hands.

The UK company’s Pro Massage Gun and Mini Massage Gun strike a balance on price and quality, to provide a good option for the many riders looking to start percussive massage.

While Purseroll’s partners include a growing number of professional athletes and teams, including the UAE ProTour cycling team, percussion massage is being adopted by amateur competitors, recreational riders, people recovering from injury and other cyclists looking to feel fresher faster after a ride.

Physio Therapist using percussion massage
A rising number of Physio therapists and other health practitioners are advocating the use of percussion massage to prevent and treat injury, as well as boosting overall wellbeing.

Melbourne’s Bikesportz last month became the Australian distributor for Pulseroll, in response to a growing number of customer enquiries about percussive massage products.

“It’s certainly a new thing for the bike industry but we could see a lot of demand,” Bikesports brand manager Tom Sullivan said.

“Previously, recovery among many cyclists was just done through recovery and rest. Now more people are taking note of the benefits of massage guns.

“They are being recommended more by physiotherapists and other health practitioners, not just for recovery but also for a more effective warm-up to prepare for exercise.”

“Retailers are seeing healthy interest among all types of cyclists, from elite competitors to the gravel rider who hits the trails on Saturday and doesn’t want to pull up sore because he’s got something else to do the next day.”

Tom said while there are higher priced options on the market, as well as a proliferation of cheap alternatives, Pulseroll’s first-generation massage guns occupy a sweet spot for quality of construction and accessories, and affordability.

Percussive massage
The Pro Massage Gun and Mini Massage Gun are equally effective for warm-ups before exercise.

“The Pro Massage Gun and Mini Massage Gun also offer more adjustability than the alternatives,” he added.

Both models came with an assortment of heads – all contained within a study and well-presented carry case – to target different parts of the body and massage techniques.

Clear LED displays show each of the settings, as well as remaining power from the built-in lithium battery, which offers up to six hours continuous use for the Mini Massage Gun and five hours for the Pro option.

Pulseroll was founded in 2016, initially producing a range of vibrating rollers and branching out into massage guns a few years later.

Conversely, Tom says the guns can be a preferable introduction for people new to percussive massage.

“The guns are easy to use, as long as you follow the key steps, and there is a lot of tuition available online from Pulseroll,” he explained.

Pulseroll’s massage gun case
Pulseroll’s massage guns and their accessories come in high-quality cases for easy transportation. The compact Mini Gun in particular is perfect to ensure high-quality percussive massage is always readily at hand.

“Once they get some experience, People can then incorporate the rollers or massage balls into their recovery.”

Both the guns and rollers penetrated deep into muscle tissue to increase blood flow, which helps to:

  • Prepare muscles for exercise
  • Reduce muscle pain after exercise
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease risk of injury
  • Improve performance

“Retailers are seeing healthy interest among all types of cyclists, from elite competitors to the gravel rider who hits the trails on Saturday and doesn’t want to pull up sore because he’s got something else to do the next day,” Tom said.

To find out more about Pulseroll’s massage guns and other percussive massage devices, contact Bikesportz on 1800 808181 or Levi Black on (03) 9586 1648 or lblack@bikesportz.com.au.

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