Orbea Rapidly Gains Ground

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Spanish brand Orbea may have a century long heritage, but they’ve been at the cutting edge when it comes to the Orbea Gain, one of the very first e-road bikes to enter the world market.

Following huge sales success, Orbea have now expanded their range to embrace both carbon and alloy models.

They’ve also broadened the Gain’s appeal. What started as a drop bar, road enthusiast oriented bike, now also comes in a range of flatbar models, called the Gain Urban.

One of Orbea’s key points of difference in the Australian market has been their MyO program, short for ‘My Orbea’. This is a customisation program that extends beyond just paint colour scheme and design and allows customers to also tailor their componentry.

MyO is a great way for dealers to benefit financially from a custom sale, with lower stock holding expense.

MyO is available for the carbon framed models of the Gain.

Orbea have pioneered the e-road market in Australia.

You can see a beautifully shot three minute video here that explains Orbea’s design philosophies that shaped the Gain range. Two of these philosophies are Enough Power and Enough Energy. Enough Power refers to the Gain’s compact, unobtrusive internal battery and motor… sure, with less capacity and torque than some e-MTB’s but ideally tailored for road use and much lighter.

Enough Energy refers to the optional externally mounted Range Extender battery which significantly boosts the total charge capacity.

Orbea Gain F25

Operational simplicity is another key customer benefit. The Gain doesn’t require a multitude of wires, ports or accessories. The CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis or attaching the external backup battery.

The motor system is controlled by a single button, set into the top tube, leaving the handlebars free for a GPS, smart phone bracket or whatever other devise the customer might like to fit.

What started as a single model has now become a comprehensive Orbea Gain range with 13 models to suit a wide range of budgets and riding styles.

There are now eight models in the original road series, starting from four new aluminium framed models from the D40 at $4,499 through to the D20 at $5,999. Then the four model carbon fibre series starts at $6,699 for the M30 all the way up to $13,299 for the Dura-Ace, Mavic Cosmic Carbon Pro equipped M10i.

Meanwhile the new Gain Urban series features six flatbar models ranging from $3,599 to $4,599 with a wide choice of specifications from minimalist through to fully accessorised with lights, mudguards and racks.

Orbea Gain M10i

All models are available to Australian dealers. All of the flatbar models, the alloy framed drop bar models and the carbon framed M20 and M30 are held in stock here. The others are air freighted to order with the air freight being included in the price.

Orbea are exclusively distributed in Australia by BikeBox. Please visit www.bikebox.com.au or call 03 9555 5800.

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