Rev-Bikes & Conversion Kits Come With 15 Years of Passion and Refinement

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Rev-Bikes Founder Rebecca ‘RevBecca’ Lee started riding ebikes 15 years ago and has been growing Rev-Bikes for more than a decade. She built her first electric bike in 2009 and is passionate about growing not just Rev-bikes but the benefits that ebikes offer to a wide variety of customers Australia wide. What started as a home garage business graduated to a retail premises in 2018, in addition to a mobile workshop four years ago.

Rev-Bikes’ core products are a range of conversion kits covering all options from front hub to mid drive and rear hub motors. With frame, rack and saddle-bag battery options.

Rev-Bikes have a small, but dedicated Australia-wide dealer network that Rebecca looking to expand. They don’t just dump dealers into the ‘deep end’ but offer a comprehensive two day training course for bike shop mechanics who then join a growing network of ‘Rev-Techs’.

Rebecca has conducted this training course in Brisbane and Sydney as well as Melbourne. It’s the first comprehensive ebike mechanics training course in Australia and with the current chronic shortage of skilled ebike mechanics in Australia, it’s filling a much needed void in the market. Courses will be delivered nationwide based upon demand, over the winter months.

Despite more complete ebikes now being available, Rev-Bikes still find a large market of customers looking to convert an existing bike, for a wide range of reasons. Rev-Bikes conversion kits use proven quality components including Bafang motors, at very competitive prices. So you can affordably use existing or new bikes to build your customer their ideal customised REV’d bike.

This is a Rev Bikes 250 watt hub motor conversion kit including a rack and rack mounted battery.

Prices for conversion kits start from $1,400 retail. This model includes a 316 watt hour battery and a front hub motor. The price includes both a $300 installer fee, plus a margin for the retailer of an additional $300 for the lowest priced models, and ramping up for mid-mount models, larger batteries etc. Once you’ve done the training course and have some experience, you can install conversion kits in as little as three hours, so the installer fee plus margin represents a good return on investment, particularly when you consider the lifetime value of each new customer, who will be coming back for parts and maintenance.

Rebecca recommends hub motor conversion kits for beginner cyclists or those who aren’t into changing gears so much, because with a mid mount motor conversion kit, unless the rider remembers to change down before stopping, they can risk overstraining the motor if they start hard in a high gear.

Rev Bikes’ ReVert folding bike offers a super low step through height amongst many other features.

Recently Rev-Bikes has also expanded into the complete bike market, developing the ReVert, their own well-appointed folding ebike, available in black or white. There’s strong demand for these bikes amongst apartment dwellers, caravaners and delivery riders. The ReVert offers good retail margins at a highly competitive price of $2,295. It features a slimline 250 watt rear hub motor with five levels of pedalec power input. The battery integrates within the down tube.

For more information, please contact Rebecca please email or visit or call (03) 9024 6653. You can also visit her premises at 14 Station St, Nunawading Vic 3131 and watch a comprehensive range of training videos at

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