Rotor: Power to Adapt

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Spanish brand Rotor has three different power meter platforms on offer, but the modular nature of their system makes their line-up more versatile than you’d initially think.

Without doubt, the most flexible design within the Rotor power meter line-up, the INspider system utilises a completely modular spider that can be paired with your choice of Rotor crank—either road or MTB, 1X or 2X. That means you can stock one unit that will cover you for virtually any power meter buyer; just add the crank and chainring combo to suit. This adaptability also future-proofs INspider for the consumer; they can buy it for their road bike but later swap it across to a mountain bike, TT bike or CX rig.

Rotor INspider
The INspider system can be adapted to a multitude of applications.

INspider provides 200Hz accuracy; that means it takes 200 data points per second, offering greater resolution than most other systems. Retailing for $1,149, the INspider can be matched to the Rotor ALDHU carbon or alloy cranks, as well as the more affordable VEGAST model (approximate retail pricing is $799 for carbon, $499 for ALDHU alloy and $249 for the VEGAST). Rotor produces crank lengths from 175mm down to just 150mm in certain models, which makes them a great option for smaller riders—it’s something that most other brands don’t offer.

The flagship 2INpower system offers impressive accuracy and can be paired with the one-piece Rotor direct-mount chainrings.

Their flagship system is the 2INpower. Utilising four opposing gauges, they measure left and right legs independently to provide the most accurate power readings. In addition to measuring power at 200Hz accuracy, the system lets you analyse your left-to-right side pedal balance, pedalling smoothness, cadence and torque effectiveness.

Rotor offers these stiff and light cranks in a broad range of lengths to suit both road and MTB and just about every bottom bracket standard. As the range-topping model, the 2INpower retails for around $2,299 excluding the chainrings. These high-tech cranks can be paired with a range of 1X or 2X Rotor chainrings, including their direct-mount 2X rings—these are machined from a single billet of 7075 alloy, eliminating 14 moving parts and saving around 30g over a regular chainring setup.

Rotor INpower
INpower presents a more affordable option, with the power sensor mounted inside the crank spindle.

Rotor also offers a trimmed back package with their INpower system, which retails for around $1,199 (excluding the chainring). With INpower, the sensor is located inside the crank spindle and software interpolates the readings to provide an overall power output. While the power is only measured through one side, they still provide 200Hz accuracy from two sets of opposing gauges to obtain precise readings on power output, cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness. Like the other Rotor models, they are available for both road and MTB applications and compatible with virtually any bottom bracket standard. Crank lengths in the INpower system range from 165mm through to 175mm.

Rotor power meters will pair with most modern cycle computers or smartphones via Bluetooth or ANT+. For more on this innovative Spanish-made brand and links to the Groupe Sportif B2B page, go to

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