Sleek, Minimalist… and Electric!

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Ebikes may be the hot new growth market for the bicycle industry today, but e-road bikes are such a new category that they’re making other ebikes look positively old fashioned.

Bianchi’s Aria eRoad is a classic example of this new breed. The internally integrated down tube battery is so slim that at a first glance you may confuse the bike for Bianchi’s existing Aria aero styled road bike.

This is the sole control button. The colour coded light ring around the button tells the rider which power mode they are in.

In fact, the Aria e-Road’s down tube is just 40 mm wide and the entire e-system including battery, motor, wiring and control system weighs just 3.5kg as part of a 12 kg total bike weight. The battery does not have to be removed for recharging, which is done via a plug on top of down tube, just above the bottom bracket, where it meets the seat tube.

Bianchi also offer a second, range extending battery, that looks like a water bottle and fits to the frame via the water existing bottle cage mounts. This battery is recharged when the rider is freewheeling down a hill which further extends the Aria’s range so that it can outlast the vast majority of road rides.

This image shows the Bianchi Aria being charged. Once fully charged the plug is removed and a watertight cap fits flush with the frame.

E-road bikes are quickly gaining popularity, particularly for riders who for whatever reason, may be struggling to keep up with their mates when the road starts to climb.

E-road bikes are also great for giving riders more confidence when mixing it with city traffic, enabling them to get a quicker start from the lights and ride more securely up hills.

Bianchi’s drive system contributes zero drag when electric power is not being used. This is critical for those riders being able to comfortably keep up on the downhills and fast flats, as to comply with Australian regulations, the power assistance cuts out over 25 kph.

Bianchi’s motor sits within the rear hub and provides 250 watts of power and 40Nm of torque with three levels of assistance Eco (30%), Comfort (60%) and Power (100%).

This small rear hub motor packs 250 watts of power.

Some e-road bikes have prices well over $10,000 and even around $20,000, but by comparison the Bianchi Aria eRoad is very moderately priced at $8,499 for a full carbon frame and fork, Shimano Ultegra groupset and no shortcuts on other elements including a Selle Royal Set S1 saddle, Vision Trimax aero wheels and Vittoria Rubino tyres. It’s available in seven frame sizes from 47 cm through to 61 cm and comes with a dedicated smartphone app.

The Bianchi Aria eRoad is exclusively distributed by SOLA Sport. For more information visit: or email .

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