Why Vamos is a Great Option for Your Store

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If you’ve been spending any time on social media, you may already be aware of a unique brand that has been making waves in the Australian e-bike market.

Vamos Bikes was co-founded in 2017 by lifelong friends Conrad Pattinson and Michael Fatouris.

Conrad, initially hesitant of e-bikes, borrowed his Dad’s to ride to his final uni exam. After flying atop his e-bike, Conrad kicked himself once he arrived at his exam half an hour early. Why hadn’t he been using e-bikes all those years before? Sweaty bus rides and driving countless laps around the uni in search of a parking spot had always made for stressful starts to his day. Not to mention the costs involved. It was love at first e-bike ride.

Not long after this incredible revelation, Conrad accidentally reversed over his Dad’s e-bike! He urgently needed to find a replacement that matched its quality. However, it also had to be affordable for an unemployed, recently graduated, uni student.

The hunt was on!

Person on bike in wide open landscape
Conrad during his long, long ride from Perth to Sydney, pushing Man, Vamos Bike and Thongs to new limits…

Conrad set about looking for an e-bike to replace his dad’s. Most had very expensive price tags. Many were heinous looking. More fun, exciting, stylish e-bikes existed only overseas.

No wonder e-bikes weren’t too popular in Australia at this point.

Conrad called up his old buddy Michael. They decided it was time to get more Aussies on electric bikes. Everyone should be able to experience this truly awesome way to get around.

To get more Aussies onboard the e-bike revolution, they decided to design and manufacture exceptional quality e-bikes for the Aussie market. E-bikes built for everything and priced for everyone with everything a rider needs to get up and riding, thoughtfully designed for Aussie rider’s needs.

They started sampling e-bikes far and wide, across Australia and abroad. They gave them all thorough testing.

After three adventures around the globe that saw them in all sorts of e-bike places, even including North Korea, the boys established manufacturing relationships in China and were ready to bring what they learned back to Australia.

Two people holding oversized cheque.
After arriving in Sydney Conrad presented a cheque representing over $20,000 raised during his epic Perth to Sydney ride.

Fast forward to today. It’s rumoured that Conrad’s dad never did receive that replacement e-bike! But they run a team dedicated to providing exceptional e-bikes, made with leading component parts from the industry’s best around the globe. All designs and business operations are still in their hometown of Sydney.

Most importantly, 85% of sales are via their growing network of about 40 independent bicycle dealers Australia-wide.

Of the 15% that are sold at full retail direct online, most of these are to rural customers or in areas where they don’t yet have a dealer.

Conrad and Michael are passionate about giving exceptional service to their dealers, promptly answering their calls personally. They’ve ensured that dealer’s key needs are well covered: great products, excellent margins, full spare parts backup, no questions asked refunds, huge marketing backup and more. Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

Product shot, man on e-bike with surfboard
Vamos El Amigo can carry big loads!

E-Bikes That You Can Easily Sell

The Vamos range features top quality and thoughtful designs all at affordable prices.

One of their strong sellers is their El Amigo Cargo Bike. They recently sold through a 40 foot container of these in just five days.

Dealers get free freight on their first order, then 50% off the actual freight cost for all subsequent orders. Meanwhile, consumers who choose to buy online have to pay full freight on top of the full retail price, plus then assemble the bikes, so the dealer option is far more attractive to them, provided they’re within range of a dealer.

Product shot, woman on e-bike
Vamos El Rapido

If you stock Vamos in your store, you’re not left to market an unknown brand at your own expense. Vamos is spending a significant six figure annual budget on marketing that’s designed to drive customers to your store. Vamos uses their large, sophisticated social media marketing program to generate hot sales leads, which they immediately pass on to the dealer closest to each lead.

Dealers receive a 30% margin, which is very competitive for e-bikes, particularly when they can be confident of far less discount pressure than they experience with other brands.

In the rare event of a problem, both dealers and consumers can receive a 28 day, no questions asked, full refund.

Product shot, man with e-trike
Vamos Papa Grande

Fully Street Legal

There are plenty of niche e-bike brands available in Australia that sell e-bikes with power ratings triple or more the legal limit.
Vamos bikes are all sold with a 250 watt power rating, but for NSW dealers, where the legal limit has been increased to 500 watts, the bikes can be calibrated to match that limit.

Vamos’ new models coming out in the new few months will have a controller where you can so you can select the power level that is appropriate for each State’s law.

It’s not all about speed. One of Vamos Bikes’ best sellers is also their most expensive model. The Papa Grande Pro three wheel e-trike has two specifications retailing for $5,995 and $6495 respectively.

It’s very popular with baby boomers who are still looking for adventure and exercise, even in their older years. It’s also NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) approved, and Vamos are official NDIS providers, meaning that people living with disability or mobility issues may be eligible for Assistive Technology funding under NDIS support packages to help them purchase this fantastic e-trike.

Two men riding same bike
Conrad (front) and Michael, still having fun after seven years in the bike business.

More Than Just Bikes

Conrad and Michael are passionate about what e-bikes can do for their customers. Conrad even rode across Australia from Perth to Sydney on a Vamos e-bike, not just to prove its reliability, but to raise funds for charity.

Conrad did the entire ride wearing a pair of thongs, to show that everyday Australians can mix up their daily commute in their daily attire. This is one of multiple charity links with Vamos that you can read more about on their website.

Two men riding same bike
Who needs an Uber? Michael gives Conrad a ride to Sydney Airport on a Vamos Amigo.

Even in today’s tough market, demand for Vamos Bikes his high, with stock flying in and out of their warehouse very quickly.

Right now, Vamos has opportunities for new dealerships in selected territories. If you’re looking for an e-bike brand that can happily exceed your ‘value for money’ customers’ demands, especially in that high-demand $2,000 to $4,000 sweet spot then, talk to the Vamos team today.

For more information, give Vamos a buzz on 1300 305 950 or email them at info@vamosbikes.com.au

You can also visit their website at www.vamosbikes.com.au or find them on Instagram @Vamos.bikes or join their special Facebook page filled with plenty of loyal customers’ stories on https://www.facebook.com/groups/vamosriders

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