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Lead Out Sports has been importing specialist bike parts and accessories for the Australian market for close to a decade now. They’ve always focused on fairly unique products—brands that do things a little differently with premium quality taking priority over price-point.

Over time, the Lead Out Sports stable has evolved and they’ve really honed in on the specialist tool market; they now serve as the Australia and New Zealand distributor for Abbey Bike Tools, Efficient Velo and Pedro’s.

Professional bike mechanics know and drool over Abbey Bike Tools. They’re renowned for artesian-level tools that are built to last—items that take pride of place in the store workshop, or even in the home workshop (something to aspire to).

What’s the fuss? Take their bearing press for example; it utilises a modular design that allows it to cater for just about any application and incorporates a coarse thread to minimise the turns required. The nut slides into place before locking, and it does so without presenting any pinch hazards.

Best of all, the press head incorporates a massive thrust bearing with proper balls and races. This serves to isolate the pressing action from the tightening torque to deliver a smooth application of pressure with minimal effort.

Even something as simple as a chain tool is elevated to a whole new level. Named the ‘Decade’, they’ve tested it and broken 10,000 chains using the one tool and pin—that’s equivalent to three chains a day for 10-years.

The chrome-moly body and threaded driver are coated using powder vapour deposition (PVD) to create a silky-smooth action while the pin is made from shock rated tool steel and it rotates freely under load.

Abbey Tools states the pin is likely to last as long as the rest of the tool but they supply it with a spare that’s tucked away in the oversized handle for safekeeping.

To future-proof this breaker, the mid-plate is interchangeable, meaning it can be adapted to work with pretty much anything the industry comes out with.

While Abbey stands as the flagship, Lead Out Sports has a few other feathers in their cap with Efficient Velo. This Oregon-based manufacturer makes inflator adaptors that are genuinely made to last, even in a workshop setting. They’re made from stainless steel, use long-lasting polyurethane seals and are completely rebuildable.

Efficient Velo Inflator
Heavy workshop use kills inflators. Efficient Velo offers a range of inflation solutions that are repairable and built to last.

Efficient Velo also has a selection of wheel building tools such as nipple loaders and an axle vice that doubles as a saw guide. They even do ‘Knuckle Savers’; a handy adaptor that lets you use a pedal wrench to remove super-tight Allen bolts (crank bolts for example).

Both Abbey and Efficient Velo feature bespoke quality and pricing to match. To complement these brands and further expand their reach, Lead Out Sports has reintroduced Pedros to the Australian market. This long-established name, with its distinctive yellow branding, offers a huge range that caters for mechanics and consumers from all walks of life.

Efficient Velo Axle Clamp
The Efficient Velo Axle vice can be used to hold everything from wheels to pedal spindles and also serves as a cutting guide.

From their iconic tyre levers to compact multi-tools, drivetrain cleaners, bike wash and polish, there’s an extensive range for point of purchase sales. Their hand tools are suitable for IBD workshops and home mechanics alike.

Items like their disc wrench; a handy disc truing tool that also incorporates 7 and 8mm flare wrenches. Their Pro Chain Whip is a stand-out, employing a locking design that provides full chain-wrap and eliminates the risk of knuckle-skinning slippage. They’ve also got a good range of torque wrenches suitable for both work and home applications.

Between all these brands, Lead Out Sports has built a solid base as a tool specialist, capable of equipping both your workshop and the shop floor with anything and everything that you could desire.

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