Product Briefs: Early Investor Support for First Automatic E-Bike Motor

Girona, Italy

An Italian start-up’s campaign to develop the world’s first automatic motor for e-bikes has attracted a rush of investors before its fund-raising campaign has gone public.

Niche Mobility, based in Girona, is developing an Automatic Digital Transmission System (ADTC) complete with regenerative breaking.

The company had scheduled to begin its Crowdcube fund-raising campaign last Tuesday, with a goal to attract €250,000 (A$407,207) to help fund its development of the ADTC. However, 65 sponsors got on board while the campaign was still in private mode.

Bicycle components
The dual-sided SP4 pedals are LOOK delta or SPD compatible and have been constructed to deal with specific stresses of indoor training. Photo credit: Stages Cycling.

Look for Indoor-Specific Pedals

Look Cycle has collaborated with indoor cycling and power meter specialist Stages to develop a premium indoor cycling pedal system to accommodate nearly every shoe used in gyms or home training.

The new SP4 pedal system utilises both Stages and LOOK patents and design expertise to create a pedal compatible with LOOK delta or SPD compatible cleats, or any athletic shoe when a Stages Platform Cage is attached.

LOOK Cycle’s global technical director, Pierre-Jean Martin, said indoor bike training, especially with flywheel-based designs, has unique pedal stresses and performance needs.

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