Carr Brothers Activate US Expansion for Fewer Cars on LA Roads

Los Angeles, US

Lug+Carrie founders Daniel and Ben Carr have flicked the on switch for their expansion into the US, with their new Wombi business taking subscriptions in Los Angeles from last Tuesday.

Wombi is being billed as the US’s first e-bike subscription service tailored for families, with a unique FamilyFlex bundle that gives subscribers access to a full-service Tern GSD e-cargo bike. The bundle provides a wide variety of combinations of passenger accessories to carry their children, and adjust as their children grow.

“We chose Los Angeles as our first market because of the massive cycling potential this city has,” a statement from Wombi says.

“Nearly 50% of car trips in LA are less than three miles (4.83km) and we believe that with great weather and existing density, Los Angeles could be the most bike-friendly city in the US.

Cose up of Wombi plate on back of ecargo bike
The company has been named after an adored Australian marsupial, the wombat, that is also known for removing cars from roads. Photo credit: Wombi.

“Wombi is launching in Culver City, and is aiming to increase the number of bicycle commuters in Culver by 50% in our first year.”

The CEO and co-founder of Lug+Carrie and Wombi, Daniel Carr, says the US service is named after Wombats, the Australian marsupial also known for taking cars off the road.

Like Lug+Carrie’s Australian operation, the US service is underpinned by the company’s partnership with Taiwan-based e-bike manufacturer Tern.

Wombi’s “full-service” subscriptions include maintenance, roadside assistance, theft and damage cover.

Lug+Carrie has grown into the world’s largest cargo e-bike subscription fleet since Daniel and his brother Ben founded the business in Melbourne in 2019 and Daniel has based himself in the US to oversee the establishment of the sister business.

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