Rapid Growth Looming for Electric Bike Company

Perth, WA

Major expansion is on the horizon for WA e-bike specialist The Electric Bike Company, which opened its second store just before Christmas and is now evaluating opportunities for further sites in the very near future.

Just weeks after the launch of its Joondalup store, 30 minutes north of the Perth CBD, The Electric Bike Company co-founder Frank Rossetti said they had been on track to establish a third premise in February.

The prospect of imminent COVID restriction for WA have prompted Frank and the company’s co-founders, Frank Benpascuito and Tom Brown, to reassess the right time to launch store number three.

“There are certainly plans for a third store and I think we’ve narrowed the location down to three options,” Frank Rossetti said.

“At this stage, it’s looking more like Easter before it’s up and running.”

External interest is fuelling prospects for further expansion in 2022, including the first store in the eastern states.

“While Joondalup was something we’ve always wanted to do, the other opportunities are mainly coming from other people who are interested in opening a store,” he said.

“That external interest has taken us down the path of licencing agreements for other potential new stores, with the prospects of one in Victoria.

“At this stage, site number three is likely to be a corporate store but we also have external interest for that location and we’re looking at our best options.”

Exotic Beginnings

It’s five years since the three partners launched The Electric Bike Company as a pop-up store within an exotic car showroom in central Perth.

They embarked on the venture with a clear vision to create a corporate identity that was edgy, fun and underpinned by sustainability and ecology.

“The company is quite progressive and the store design is very earthy and green,” he said.

“Our mantra, which is written on the walls of the stores, is ‘Fill your heart, free your mind and save the world’.

“We genuinely believe when you get on your bike you fill your heart with joy and in a way you are saving the world by riding an e-bike rather than driving in your car.

“If we donate to a charity it usually has something to do with ecology and that’s something we’d like to develop further this year.”

Frank said the partners spent a lot of time, energy and money developing the brand, which still morphed organically during the initial years.

But by the time they moved into their own premises two years ago, one kilometre north of the city centre, there was a very clear approach that made it very easy to fit out the new premises.

“While each of our stores has a slightly different character, there’s certainly a shared feel and energy that runs through each store, all our team and our customers,” he said.

“The interest we’re receiving for additional stores is certainly creating a lot of opportunities but we certainly don’t want to dilute the brand and potential of the existing stores.”

“We’re confident there will still be plenty more growth in the market for e-bikes and we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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