Will Your Next Competitor be a Surf Shop?

Wollongong, NSW

I recently walked past the shop window of a well presented surf and ski shop and there front and centre were a couple of e-bikes. Looking inside, there were a few more on prominent display.

After receiving permission from the owner, I took the two photos that accompany this article.

The bikes are from Ampd Bros, which is a Gold Coast, Queensland based retailer and wholesaler that sells both online and through their own premises.

Their website also shows an Australia-wide retail network of 17 dealers, mainly traditional bike or e-bike shops. Amped Bros General Manager, Corey Keats said that they currently have about 20 retailers stocking a variety of their range of which 90% are bicycle stores.

Ampd Bros e-bike
This style of e-bike may not appeal to a traditionalist, but there’s a huge consumer demand.

The bikes themselves have 500 watt Bafang hub motors, depowered to 250 watts and 25kph to meet the Australian standards for road use, but according to the website can be altered to 500 watts and 35kph ‘for private property use’.

Depending upon the model, retail prices are in the $3,000 to 3,500 range.

Last year we reported in our sister publication Micromobility Report about JB Hi-Fi selling e-scooters. On my latest visit, I saw e-bikes on their sales floor as well. According to their website, they have five models, ranging from $1,499 to $2,699 recommended retail, but all discounted by $200 or $300.

It will be interesting to see how many more surf shops and other non-traditional retailers start selling e-bikes and what market share they gain.

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