Desiknio Makes Light Work of New Australian Market Niche

Melbourne, Victoria

One of the world’s lightest urban e-bikes, by Spanish manufacturer Desiknio, will soon be available in Australia, with Melbourne-based distributor Dutch Cargo preparing to receive its first shipment.

Their arrival in early 2023 will bring another local option for premium urban and commuter e-bikes.

Desiknio builds carbon and high-spec aluminium frames and combines them with motors and integrated batteries produced by German manufacturer Mahle, which won this year’s Eurobike Innovators Award for its X20 system.

“We believe their lightweight urban bikes will be unique in the Australian and NZ markets.”

Desiknio was also one of the first adopters of the Gates belt drives, Pinion gearboxes and integrated batteries, incorporating them into its first bikes in 2017.

Dutch Cargo managing director Jürgen Heikamp said he will be bringing in a mix of Desiknio’s X20 and X35 bikes, named after the Mahle systems used in the respective bikes. That will include the manufacturer’s new carbon gravel bike which, at just over 10 kilograms, sits among the lightest e-bikes on the market.

“The market for lightweight e-bikes is growing fast, for urban use and people who want to commute in style,” Jürgen said.

Desiknio carbon gravel bike
The 10kg Desiknio carbon gravel bike. Photo credit: Desiknio.

“Desiknio is one of the pioneers in the lightweight e-bike segment and we think now is a great time to launch them in Australia and New Zealand.

“We believe their lightweight urban bikes will be unique in the Australian and NZ markets. Lightweight bikes currently available in both countries are electric road bikes with drop bars, but not urban bikes for commuting or riding around town.

“We’re onboarding a few dedicated dealers for the arrival of the first shipment, which will be small. We invite enquires from other interested dealers and expect our second shipment will be much bigger.”

Desiknio came under the ownership of France-based private equity firm Naxicap Partners, which also owns Stromer and last November acquired a majority stake of French manufacturer O2Feel.

In November, Desiknio reached an agreement to merge with Stromer, to be an independent subsidiary under the leadership of founder Joaquin Cortes, who started the brand in 2017.

Dutch Cargo introduced O2Feel to its portfolio in September 2021 and has the contract to distribute Stromer.

Jürgen said the recommended retail price for Desiknios in Australia would range between just over $7,000 to a little under $12,000 for the 10kg gravel bike.

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