Have You Used Your 2020 Yearbook Yet?

What do you do when you’re looking for a source of supply for a particular brand or product category?

Since 1996 most bicycling trade members have relied upon the Yearbook to tell them who is supplying every brand and product type.

Just in case you missed it, last month we launched The Latz Report Yearbook 2020.

No, it didn’t come in your letter box! We’re doing digital only this year. But we do have a great smart phone app version so that you can access the Yearbook anywhere, any time.

The Yearbook is also packed with new search features and has had a cover to cover update.

You can find the Yearbook within The Latz Report Website here.

You can get simple, step by step information in video and pdf formats on how to install and use the Yearbook here.

We would recommend that you start with the video to get an overview of all the Yearbook features, then read appropriate pdf instruction sheet for you, depending upon if you’re a Windows, Mac or iPhone user.

You’ll be up and running in no time! Best of all, the Yearbook is a completely free service for all bicycle trade members.

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