Industry Input on Helmet Regulation Review

Canberra, ACT

Bike industry representatives have until 15th July to lodge a submission on an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) review into bicycle helmet regulations.

The review is considering two options for the Australian mandatory helmet standard:

  1. Updating the Mandatory Standard to permit compliance with the latest edition of the voluntary Australian standard, or four comparable overseas standards. The Mandatory Standard would reference each of these five standards in full, without amendments.
  2. Revoking the Mandatory Standard, and instead relying on State and Territory road use laws which regulate which helmets can be legally used.

Bicycler Industries Australia (BIA) said the review will affect all current and future suppliers and retailers of bicycle helmets in Australia.

BIA held a meeting of industry members last Tuesday and will submit a response on behalf of the industry.

The ACCC released details of the review on 28th June.

As part of the review, the commission is also inviting industry members to recommend alternative options to the two it is presenting.

Questions posed by the ACCC include:

  • Do you believe overseas standards offer a comparable level of safety to the Australian standard?
  • Do you believe allowing the supply of helmets that comply with overseas standards in Option 1 could cause confusion for retailers and consumers, as the State and territory road use laws do not currently permit their use?
  • Would Option 2 introduce administrative issues for suppliers?

Submissions and questions can be directed to by 15 July 2022.

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