It’s Update Time! YearBook Portal Now Open

It feels like a long time ago since we first launched what was then called the Bicycling Trade YearBook in 1996!

Technology has certainly progressed since then, which is why we launched the online ‘flipbook’ version of the YearBook four years ago. It has been consistently and heavily used, becoming our second busiest page, after our home page, on The Latz Report website. But many retailers still love and use the print edition, so we’ll be doing both online and print versions again for 2024.

If you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer, now is the time to update your listing for the 2024 Latz Report YearBook. You should have received a direct email from our Admin Manager, Gary Wells, with instructions regarding this. If you didn’t receive this, or you’re having any trouble accessing the portal to update your listing, please contact Gary at or on 0414 684 747.

If you’re a retailer and you’ve changed address or opened a new store, please let us know so we can mail you the new print edition when it’s ready. Australia Post takes no prisoners these days in charging for ‘Return to Sender’ copies, so we’d greatly appreciate your help in making our mailing list as complete and accurate as possible!

Following the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” we’re only making some minor format changes for 2024. Specifically, we’ve deleted a couple of product ‘non-core’ product and organisation categories which are now included in our new sister publication the Micromobility Report YearBook that we launched late last year.

Our Latz Report YearBook portal will remain open until the material deadline of Friday 22nd March. We’ll be finalising our mailing list by Friday 5th April.

As always, every industry member receives one copy of The Latz Report YearBook for free. Additional copies are $25 each.

Likewise, all standard listings are free. If any wholesaler or manufacturer is interested in paid advertising, then please contact Ed Price at or on 0490 023 877.

The deadline for bookings is Friday 15th March.

Thanks for your support in continuing to make the YearBook a helpful resource for bicycle dealers throughout Australia.

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