Keeping the Good Oil Flowing During the Pandemic

Queensland based Owen Matthews is founder and product developer of Australian made lubricants, degreasers and other chemical based products Ride Mechanic.

Owen is the only Australian bicycle industry member we’re aware of that also has a PhD in chemistry and has a wide range of professional and consultancy experience in industrial chemistry.

“March was pretty good for us sales wise, certainly better than February,” he said.  It’s responsible business management to keep your cashflow tight during times like this, so I can only assume that the stores are buying our product because it’s selling through or they’re using it in their workshops and they need replacement stock.”

“I’m seeing more people on the road and more out on the MTB trails.

“I think it’s now a two speed economy. For example the travel industry is decimated, but the health industry is flat out. I think that the bike industry is actually linked to that health side.

“But at what point does the dark side of the economy start to override the light side?”

Speaking from his experience as a chemist and his personal practice, Owen recommended that we should all be carrying some large plastic water containers in our cars along with soap and a towel.

Then we can easily wash our hands whenever we’ve been out to a shop or anywhere else where there’s risk of touching a virus infected surface.

He said that proper washing with soap and water can be more effective than even hand sanitiser. He also warned not to expect the shortfalls in hand sanitiser and other items that are in short supply to return back to normal any time soon. He explained that the complexity of the supply chain, including component supply from China and capacity constraints of key Australian manufacturers were problems that were difficult to solve quickly.

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