Product Briefs: Mavic E-Bike Motor, Greater Bosch Security and More

Annecy, France

French brand Mavic has unveiled its own superlight e-bike motor, the X-Tend, as the company searches for a partner to help take the motor to production.

The X-Tend’s release prompted recollections of another electronic innovation by Mavic, when it led the shift to electronic derailleurs with the launch of its Zap system in 1993.

The compact X-Tend system weighs a total of 3.2kg, while the mid-drive motor itself – just 87mm in diameter – is only 1.2kg, around half a kilogram lighter than rival mid-drive units.

In addition, the motor is compatible with standard cranks and uses an arm that pushes against the crank to apply power.

Mavic started developing its e-bike motor before a series of events that severely threatened the company’s future. It separated from the Amer Sports Group in 2018 and went into receivership in 2020, before being purchased by family-owned holding firm the Bourrelier Group.

The search for financial backing for the X-Tend comes after Mavic has scaled back its operation by about two thirds amid Bourrelier’s demands the brand refocus on its strengths.

New Bosch Alarm

Bosch’s new e-bike alarm and accompanying app will provide greater protection for electric bikes, according to the company.

The E-Bike Systems alarm function uses the app to inform the owner of the bike’s location and sounds an alarm is there is any suspicious movement.

If the bike is stolen, the owner receives a push notification on their smartphone and location tracking is activated.

GPS connection continues to monitor the bike when the e-bike system is turned off.

Stromer e-bike
Stromer’s flagship ST7 model. Photo credit: Stromer.

Stromer’s Prestigious Design Award

Swiss speed-pedelec manufacturer Stromer has won a ‘best of the best’ product design award at arguably the world’s most prestigious design competition.

The German-based Red Dot Awards last week announced Stromer’s flagship ST7 model was the Best of the Best 2023 for outstanding product design quality.

Speed pedelecs, which provide power assistance up to 45kmh, are not legal on Australian roads, which have a power assistance limit of 25kmh for e-bikes. However, Melbourne-based distributor Dutch Cargo brought its first Stromer into Australia in January as a demo bike.

Two people off road cycling
Trek’s spring/summer 2023 MTB clothing collection continues to push towards more sustainable fabrics. Photo credit: Trek.

Sustainable Trek Trail Apparel

Trek is continuing the industry’s shift to more sustainably-produced apparel, with a new line of mountain bike clothing made with fabrics containing recycled materials.

It says every garment in the new range contains fabrics made with a percentage of recycled plastic water bottles. Trek estimates the full spring/summer 2023 clothing collection has helped divert more than 800,000 bottles from landfill.

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