Shimano Australia Launching App for Crank Inspections and Replacements

Sydney, NSW

Authorised Shimano dealers in Australia will soon have access to an app to help deal with a voluntary inspect and replace program for the brand’s HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets.

Shimano will launch access to the Shimano app during the week starting Monday 16th October, after Shimano Australia and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) officially announced the inspect and replace program last Friday.

“This will allow dealers to enter and manage all information needed to log inspections. Replacement cranksets will be available for those that do not pass inspection at this time and shipping to dealers/consumers will commence,” according to a statement from Shimano Australia.

“Our priority is to ensure the safety of our consumers and we hope this information allows you to help us reach these consumers in a way that is favourable for them and our dealers.”

Shimano has emphasised the program only involves 11‐speed HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets produced before July 2019, and relates to a possible separation of the cranksets’ bonding.

The program will ask consumers and dealers to inspect all Ultegra 6800, Ultegra R8000, Dura‐Ace R9000, and Dura‐Ace R9100 and R9100P cranksets produced before that date.

“We are providing information directly to consumers that allows them to both identify if their cranks are part of the program, and to inspect cranks themselves,” Shimano says in its statement.

“We believe with the resources and tools we are providing, we will be able to implement this Inspect and Replace program quickly and efficiently. Our number one priority is consumer safety and your relationship with the consumer is critical to reach as many consumers as possible.”

It is estimated the program will apply to more than 2.8 million cranksets globally, with reports the bonding issue could have contributed to around 4,500 known incidents during 11-year period the affected cranksets were sold.

Those numbers, combined with Shimano’s status as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle components, has attracted mainstream media coverage.

While the vast majority of bike recalls and inspections attract no interest outside cycling media, the ACCC’s announcement last Friday was followed by coverage from the ABC.

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