Software Upgrade Will Make Your Yearbook Updating Easier!

Wollongong, NSW

If you’re a wholesaler, manufacturer or any other bike industry member that has a listing in our annual Latz Report Yearbook, we have double good news for you!

Firstly, it’s that time of year again when you have a window of opportunity to update your listing for the 2023 Latz Report Yearbook.

If you’re a regular Yearbook listee, you will already know that all standard listings are free of charge. Parts of your listing appear across all four sections, the main Address List, and the Product Types, Brand Names and Organisations cross reference indexes.

If you’re new to the industry and have a business that supplies goods or services to retailers, this is your opportunity to be listed, free of charge. (We do not list retailer details)

As always, the Yearbook will be mailed to every bicycle business in Australia, including all retailers, who are the core customers, free of charge. As soon as the print edition is posted, an identical ‘flipbook’ version will also replace the current Yearbook on our Latz Report website, that you can see here.

Yearbook Portal Software Upgrade Going Live Soon!

Last year was the first time we launched a new cloud-based, user login and updating package so that you could directly update your own listing.

Although this was a big improvement on the previous manual updating system, we had feedback and requests from wholesalers for improvements. Late last year we commissioned our software developers to do a range of upgrades. This new version of the portal should be going live by early February.

Most of the upgrades will not be visible to our clients and are to help us more accurately and efficiently compile the new Yearbook. But the key client facing upgrade that will hopefully improve your experience is more accurate representation of any logos you upload.

In the previous version of the Yearbook Update Portal, any new logos you uploaded would not display accurately – they’d be squashed or stretched to fill a standard square.
They should now appear accurately within the portal.

2023 Yearbook Deadlines

Please update all your details by Friday 10th March. Any updates not completed by then will have to wait another year.

As always, you can also advertise if you choose to. This year’s advertising booking deadline is Friday 3rd March. The advertising artwork material deadline is Friday 10th March. The 2023 Latz Report Yearbook should arrive in all industry members’ letterboxes by Friday 21st April.

If you’ve lost your login or for any updating enquiries, please contact Gary Wells on 0414 684 747 or For any advertising enquiries, please contact Ed Price on 0490 023 877.

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