Specialized Appoints First Chief of Worldwide Markets

California, US

Former Pon.Bike and Canyon chief Armin Landgraf has been appointed Specialized’s Chief of Worldwide Markets.

A statement by Specialized says Armin will be “responsible for driving excellence and innovation in rider and retailer engagement to create a modern ecosystem that amplifies benefits to riders, retailers, and the brand”.

“Armin knows how to lead us to the future of commerce and rider experience that benefits riders, retailers, and Specialized,” the company’s founder, Mike Sinyard, said.

The new role comes a handful of weeks after Mike announced he was stepping down aside from the CEO position, 48 years after starting the company, on would be focusing his energies on a new role as chief rider advocate. A former executive with prominent appliance manufacturer Dyson executive, Scott Maguire, replaced him as CEO.

The Specialized statement says Armin’s experience as CEO and chief operations officer at Pon.Bike and Canyon is complemented by 14 years of management consulting work with several leading premium car brands and their retail networks.

“His passion for partnering with retailers will be key to drive rider satisfaction,” Mike says.
“Our relationship with retail partners has been the cornerstone of our business model for nearly 50 years and that will not change.

“I also know that we have let riders and retailers down with our lack of supply. This has been difficult for our retailers, and I know we must do better to deliver the products our riders and retailers need and want.

“We will continue to invest heavily to drive traffic to aligned retailers with programs like Find Nearby.”

Armin said when he first met Mike, and they rode together, he was inspired by their shared vision for modern approaches to “serve riders where, how, and when they want”.

“I have led brands with no online business, and I have led a brand with virtually no physical retail network. Each on their own has vulnerabilities, but an organisation that incorporates both brings much more benefit for riders, retail partners and manufacturers alike,” he explained.

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