Specialized Introduces Consumer-Direct Sales in Australia

Port Melbourne, VIC

Specialized Bicycle Components Australia is introducing ‘Ship to Home’ and ‘Specialized Delivery’ options for bikes purchased online.

Its announcement of the new services last week came shortly after Specialized confirmed it was beginning consumer-direct sales in the US and UK for non-electric bikes.

A spokesperson for Specialized Bicycle Components Australia said Specialized Delivery offers hand delivery of bikes purchased on Specialized.com. Each bike is professionally built by Specialized, or one of its retail partners in instances where Specialized cannot deliver.

“As part of this premium service, the handover specialist will personalise the bike set-up and answer any questions the rider may have,” according to Specialized.

All models, including e-bikes, will be available via this delivery method.

Specialized Delivery is currently being piloted in Melbourne, with delivery offered within a 15km radius from Port Melbourne. It will be rolled out with select retailers throughout Australia in the coming months.

Ship to Home will deliver bikes in a box, professionally pre-built and checked, and with minimal assembly required.

“Our Rider Care Specialists will be available to support anyone who needs it when they are setting up their bike,” Specialized says.

“A firm launch date has not yet been set but we plan to start offering this delivery method on some models in March, starting with kids’ bikes.

“At this stage, e-bikes won’t be included in the Ship to Home offering.”

A statement by Specialized Bicycle Components Australia says: “It is an extremely exciting time for the cycling industry, not only in Australia but all around the world.
“Specialized Bicycle Components Australia is focused on connecting with our riders, both new and existing, around the country through our retailers, apps, website, digital channels and more.

“We are always exploring and innovating the way we do things, and that innovation doesn’t stop at the bike. As our business model evolves around the globe we will also continue to modernise in Australia.”

The statement says Specialized Bicycle Component Australia has shared its business direction with the company’s retail partners as a priority.

“Together we will continue to improve the rider experience and purchasing journey for all riders across Australia,” it continues.

“This will include offering Specialized Delivery and Ship to Home options for the rider. This is all part of our goal to know our riders better and to have a meaningful and direct relationship with them.

“We want them to be able to buy a Specialized bike when, how, and where they want, so if Ship to Home or Specialized Delivery aren’t for them, a local Specialized retailer will always be there to guide them if they prefer to shop in-store and ensure that they have a great experience for a lifetime of riding.

“In addition, our ‘Pick Up In-Store’ and ‘Find Nearby’ options are still available at Specialized.com.

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  1. Anthony John Martins on 22nd February 2022 at 8:37 pm

    As a specialized store for the past 8 years that has seen the ups and more recent down of specialized, in addition being told that specialized is pulling the pin on our dealership in the last week I had mixed feelings.

    Don’t worry about us we were lucky we have some great brand to fall back on, that have been there thought covid but some stores may not be.

    As a positive they will at least have some bikes to offer their customers.
    Up to till now it has been a forecast system then an allocated system then a cancel system.

    To clarify.. we have a list of bikes that are coming in in 4 months, we ask for what we would like, they then gave us a list of what we could have example I asked for 6 of one type of bike and they offer 1 hopefully then like last years November / December drop they cancel the lot and tell us to start again for feb march…

    Their stock lines have been greatly reduced in apparel etc and the with the limited availability of general bikes well before covid there kids range was always hard to restock.

    As a retailer the hardest thing was customers coming in wanting basic bikes and having to tell them that unless it was preordered months ago we were never going to see it across most of the range and still having no guarantee it was even going to show up.

    From retail / business perspective that had to be hurting sales and reputation of brand, at one point we were asked to sell to customers that had a more online and social presence where possible to help the brand.

    Positive is that at least customers can either go to one shop that is specialized owned and has access to all stock may have a chance of getting what they want either in store or delivered.
    Rather than there entire stock in dribs and drabs spanning multiple stores across the state with no continuity

    Downside is there is a large potential for bikes to be not assembled correctly at customers end or damage in transit as we all know how great freight is now, and who is going to fix it then your local specialized dealer?

    I wish them luck, they were and hopefully will still be a great brand with some cutting edge machines but I feel this may loose the appeal to many customers and begin to be seen as just another online brand.

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