Strong Bicycle Imports Continue in March

Australia’s record breaking run of bicycle imports is continuing, but the rate cooled in March compared to previous months.

A total of 73,139 bicycles were imported in March 2021. This was just under double the total of 39,700 imported in March 2020. However, unlike previous months, March was not an all-time record, having been narrowly exceeded in March 2018 when 73,184 bikes were imported.

On average over the past decade, 55,000 bikes are imported each March so the 2021 figure was about 32% up on average – still significantly higher, but not up by 100% or more as we’ve seen during some recent months.

March brings the financial year total up to 1,413,327 bicycles. After only nine months that’s just over 6,000 short of the all time financial year record, with three months of data, April, May and June, still to come in before the final total is known.

Adult bikes comprised 64% of the March total at 46,858 units and children’s bikes at 26,281 units. This split is typical.

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