Yamaha E-Bike Debut in Australia

Sydney, NSW

Yamaha’s new generation of e-bikes will make its introduction to the Australian market next month, with the YDX-Moro 07 e-MTB set to pave the way for other models.

It will be the first time Yamaha e-bikes have made it to our shores, as the Japanese company this year celebrates its 30th anniversary of producing electric-powered bicycles.

Yamaha Australia marketing manager Sean Goldhawk said the YDX-Moro 07 was a good introduction to Australia because it is the most relevant to the local market and the brand’s target audience.

“We expect our target customer will be your Yamaha-owning dirt bike customer,” Sean said.

“We’re not going mass market, e-mountain bike customers. We’re very much going for our own people initially, which is Yamaha owners or people who aspire to be Yamaha owners.

“Which is why we’re selling them through the Yamaha dealer network. We’re selling them exclusively through out land mobility dealers, which is basically our motorcycle dealers.

“I can’t say that in five years’ time we won’t open it up to the wider cycling shops but the current plan is to keep it within the network.”

The company has invited Australia’s Yamaha dealers to sign up as official Yamaha e-bike stores.
“While there be an expense they’ll have to outlay – to stock a display stand, the necessary tools and get the training required –we’ve had around 40 sign up so far from the 100 or so dealers around the country,” he added.

A media launch for the YDX-Moro 07 will be held in Sydney on 19th April and the bikes should start to arrive in stores in late April and early May.

Unique Frame

The YDX-Moro 07 is an aluminium full-suspension enduro e-MTB, with 27.5-inch wheels, RockShox suspension and Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain.

It’s Dual Twin frame features chassis technology inspired by Yamaha’s motorcycles, incorporating twin top tubes and twin down tubes to strike a balance in flex and rigidity.

The 500Wh compact battery is fully integrated into the Dual Twin chassis and the bike comes fitted with Rockshox’s Lyrik Select Charger fork and Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock.

“The only e-bike manufacturer to offer its own motor and frame package.”

“We will expand into the fuller product range in Australia in due course,” Sean explained.

Yamaha developed a PAS (Power Assist System) in 1989 and released its first production unit in 1993.

It’s new range of Yamaha e-bikes is the first time the company has combined its inhouse-designed frames with Yamaha’s own drive units. In fact, it’s the only e-bike manufacturer to offer its own motor and frame package.

“Having close control over both elements of the Moro range gives Yamaha a unique advantage,” the company says.

Yamaha had previously provided more than five million motors to other bike manufacturers – including Giant – and had accessed proprietary chassis for its own Yamaha-branded e-bikes.

The YDX-Moro was initially released in 2020 as an e-MTB flagship model and was introduced to the US – a prime target export market for the brand – in 2022. It was accompanied in the US release by road, gravel and touring models, along with additional e-MTB options.

e-MTB cyclist riding on bush track
The release of Yamaha cycling garments is another first for the brand in Australia. Photo credit: Yamaha.

Yamaha Cycling Apparel Debut

The YDX-Moto’s debut in Australia is coinciding with another first for the brand in this country – cycle clothing.

The Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories department has released a range of ladies and gents riding apparel, tapping into the brand’s European range of MTB and road garments.

The MTB garment range features four-way stretch fabrics, all produced from recycled PET fibres – another first for Yamaha.

Sean said the cycle clothing would accompany bike displays in Yamaha’s official e-bike retailers and would also be available for sale on the Yamaha Australia website.

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