New Survey Reveals Market Rankings for Ebike Drives

Bosch is the number one brand of ebike drive systems based upon a survey of all bikes exhibited at this year’s Eurobike Show, which was held from 4th – 7th September this year.

German based specialist ebike media company ExtraEnergy, surveyed every single bike on display at this year’s show.

In total there were 3,952 bikes on display of which 2,352 (60%) were pedalec ebikes and 1,600 (40%) were non-ebikes.

Then they looked at which brand of drive system was on each ebike. Bosch had 33% market share with 773 bikes, followed by Shimano STEPS with 19% and Bafang with 16%.

This survey shows the market share of drive systems for those bikes displayed at Eurobike.

Of course, this survey cannot be extrapolated to total world market share. For example, Chinese brands would be significantly under-represented at the European show. Also, when a major bike brand that uses a particular type of drive system is not exhibiting at the show, then that drive system brand’s market share will be under-represented.

Hopefully ExtraEnergy will make this an annual survey. That way, even though the market sample will never be fully representative of the real world market, we can see trends emerging from one year to the next in terms of who is gaining or losing market share.

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