Sea Otter an Incubator for New European Micromobility Festival

Girona, Spain

A new European mobility festival was launched last week as part of this year’s Sea Otter Europe Bike Show.

The Spanish city of Girona hosted Sea Otter Europe and the Euromobility Festival (EMF) from the 23rd to 25th September.

A Sea Otter statement says EMF aimed to be a catalyst in the innovation and transformation of micromobility and sustainability, in line with European strategies to make cities more environmentally-friendly and accessible.

“The event aims to cover market trends and connect the supply of brands with customer demand, at a time of urban transformation and with mobility solutions on the rise,” it says.

“The city of Girona has cycling DNA and is a benchmark city at European and international level for the cycling community.

“By hosting the Euromobility Festival, a festival that is fully aligned with the city’s strategy, Girona not only aims to further consolidate its position in the world of sport cycling, but also to position itself as a city that welcomes sustainable mobility.”

As part the introduction of EMF, the Girona cycling festival has increased it number of urban riding circuits from one to three and will keep one of them permanently to encourage visitors to discover the city by bicycle or other emission-free modes of mobility.

Organisors said once EMF was well established as part of Sea Otter Europe, it was proposed to become a completely independent festival, with its own brand and communications.

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