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Sub 7kg Ebike Sets New Guinness World Record


Mechanical engineer Dennis Freiburg from Germany has set the Guinness World Record for the lightest ever e-bike prototype with a design that weighs just 6.8kg.

The ride – named the Freicycle – reportedly took Freiburg almost a year to design and build, serving as part of a project for his doctorate. Unsurprisingly, the Freicycle is built with as much carbon as possible – namely in the wheels, cranks and fork.

Other components deemed unnecessarily heavy – such as pedals – were made ultra-light via 3D printing. Built on a carbon Merida Scultura road bike, the Freicycle’s frame weighs less than 1kg.

The motor is limited, as with all e-bikes, to a top speed of 25kph, but Freiberg believes it could reach up to 45kph with its full 600W of power. The tiny motor, mounted under the bottom bracket, uses a friction wheel to directly drive the rear tire. The battery, which is mounted in the bottle cage has a capacity of 137 Wh, which is a third to a quarter the size of typical ebike batteries and gives a claimed range of 19 – 38 km. The combined battery and motor drive system weighs about 2kg, meaning the rest of the bike weighs 4.8kg.

You can watch a three minute video of the new bike here.

This story was first published in Micromobility Weekly (UK)


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