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‘Liked it so much I bought the company’; it’s a familiar line and one that neatly describes the decision made by Jason Cheshire, owner of Infinit Nutrition Australia. With over 20 years experience as a triathlete, Jason has competed at all levels in the sport.

After many years of ‘getting it wrong’, he came across Infinit Nutrition. By following their nutrition strategies, Jason discovered the performance gains possible through proper fuelling.

As a result, he went from finishing mid-pack to top 10 in his age group and has since completed 20 Ironman events including the World Championships at Kona Hawaii. Jason is also a four-time finisher in Australia’s toughest road race—the 228km Grafton to Inverell.

It’s now over 10 years since Jason bought Infinit Nutrition Australia, and he remains acutely aware of the vital role high quality nutrition plays. Working with sports dietitians and coaches Australia-wide, he’s keen to ensure that others avoid the mistakes that he made in his earlier years.

While Infinit Nutrition is known for producing custom formulas, they also offer a pre-mixed range that makes the job of selling nutrition solutions extremely easy.

They’re made using the same premium ingredients and backed by the same team of nutritionists, it’s just they’re ready-made to suit the most popular three applications; exercise durations over three hours, under three hours and sprint events.

‘Go Far’ is their go-to solution for rides over three hours in length. It has all the calories, carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes needed to go all day long, and it allows this without the use of energy bars, gels or electrolyte additives.

With 66g of carbohydrate per serve, electrolytes and 4g of protein, Go Far is a simple one-stop solution for endurance MTB events or long road races.

‘Speed’ is specifically formulated for sub-three hour events. It incorporates a higher percentage of glucose for explosive energy as well as electrolytes to eliminate cramping or stomach distress during anaerobic efforts.

It offers a tailor-made solution for criterium races or XCO events that are all done within a shorter time period.

‘Jet Fuel’ is the sprinters’ choice. Infinit has blended glucose for fast energy adsorption with long chain polymers and electrolytes to fuel anaerobic efforts without causing stomach upsets. It’s also loaded with 125mg of caffeine per serve for some extra pep!

The three-option line-up makes retail sales super-easy; out for the long-haul? Go Far is your mix. Racing a sprint event? Jet Fuel is the go. Somewhere in between? Speed is the solution—it’s that easy!

All three nutrition options meet the same end goal; they’re a simple one-stop solution for each application and they allow the athlete to follow a simple one-drink plan; there’s no need for fiddly gels or hard to stomach energy bars. It’s simple and above all virtually foolproof; just add two scoops to a 600-750ml bottle and drink one bottle per hour—it’s that easy!

All Infinit products are gluten free, contain no artificial sweeteners and no colouring. They’re also Australian made, with their manufacturing facility located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Aside from employing Australians and contributing to the local economy, it has also allowed them to maintain reliable stock throughout these covid troubled times.

Infinit Nutrition is distributed by KWT Imports and in Western Australia you can also contact Cycle Motion.

KWT Imports – (07) 5445 1991

Cycle Motion – 0480 273 171

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