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In this age of disc brakes, power meters and thru-axles, there are occasions when we find ourselves wishing for simpler times. Not that long ago, it was easy to accessorise a bike to suit all manner of applications.

Whether it was fitting a cargo trailer for long-distance touring or taking the family for an outing with a kids’ trailer, the standard 135mm quick release axle had you covered. Replacement axles were common and generally interchangeable from one bike to the next.

Thru-axles may be stiffer, more robust and a better solution for dual suspension bikes but they’ve severely restricted this adaptability—even compatibility with indoor trainers has gone out the window.

With adaptors for Burley, Bob, Follow-Me tandems and more, Robert Axle Project adds versatility to modern bikes.
With adaptors for Burley, Bob, Follow-Me tandems and more, Robert Axle Project adds versatility to modern bikes.

This is where Robert Axle Project has stepped in, offering a fitting solution for just about anything and everything. Want to fit a Burley trailer to a Giant Reign, retrofit a Bob onto a Specialized Diverge or use a Trek Top Fuel on an indoor trainer? Robert Axle Project holds the key!

With their own manufacturing facility in Bend Oregon, this US based company has established themselves as an authority in thru-axle solutions.

Robert Axle Project's RAT Replacement Axle
Focus and Cervelo owners can benefit from the simple and reliable RAT replacement axle.

In addition to solving compatibility issues, they also develop solutions for various brand-specific axle systems. Like the ‘Rapid Axle Technology’ or RAT that’s employed by Focus, Cervelo and others.

Aside from delivering enhanced reliability, replacement RAT axles are also available to pair with both trailers and indoor trainers, or as a standard ‘Lightning’ thru-axle.

By offering these brand-specific systems, Robert Axle Project assists stores that aren’t dealers and wouldn’t typically have access to the parts.

Perhaps you’re a Giant dealer trying to source a replacement thru-axle for a Trek or Specialized dealer needing a Cannondale axle; whatever the case, Robert Axle Project serves as a one-stop-solution for thru-axle requirements for all bike brands.

Robert Axle fittings work with trainers as well
Indoor trainers are more popular than ever. Robert Axle has the fittings required to mount just about any modern bike on a trainer.

While the array of axle ‘standards’ is overwhelming and complex, Robert Axle Project has successfully simplified the ordering process via their web-based ‘Thru-Axle Finder’. You don’t need to know the thread pitch or the taper, just key in the bike brand, axle width and what you’d like to attach; their handy online tool will direct you to the correct axle for the job.

Some stores have even integrated the Thru-Axle Finder into their own website, so customers can select and order online. Every axle is laser etched with the sizing and spec and they range in price from around $74 through to $140 (RRP) depending on the axle solution required.

For further information on Robert Axle Project and their range of axle solutions, get in touch with Dirt Works Australia and check out their B2B store

Robert Axle Pannier
Want to mount pannier racks on a modern MTB? Robert Axle has a solution that is compatible with the Blackburn Outpost and Local racks, as well as racks from sister company Old Man Mountain.

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