Forgotten’s Latest Memorable Bikes Channel Demons and Skater Punk

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Forgotten’s latest offering of bikes remains tightly focused on the brand’s objective to get more kids riding BMX.

Its Aftermath range adheres to the brand’s tried and tested approach – big, lairy graphics and equally bold colours that demand attention, especially if you’re a youngster with a love of skulls, demons and all things gnarly.

The director of Triple Six Distributions, Chris Harrison, has a very personal litmus paper when refining the appeal of Triple Six’s home brand of BMX bikes, based on his own long-running association with the sport. Would they have seized his attention and imagination as a boy walking into a bike shop?

“This year’s styles are a celebration of the ‘skateboard and surf culture, with a punk rock vibe of the ’80s and ’90s’.”

“It would have been the biggest, gnarliest skull or demon-looking bike on the wall,” Chris says.

“Every bit of that has translated into our current bikes.”

Forgotten BMX
The Aftermath range introduces sealed bears for almost every bearing in the three models. Photo credit: Triple Six Distributions

However, there’s also some added maturity for the new range, for more seasoned riders and those stepping up to competition.

Sealed parts have been introduced for almost every bearing across the Aftermath range, along with a new Forgotten tyre. In addition, Triple Six has resumed its association with BMX P&A specialist Tempered Goods to reinforce the quality and value of Forgotten bikes.

In addition, the Aftermath collection has adopted more subtle and sophisticated colours for the higher end of the range.

Chris says this year’s styles are a celebration of the “skateboard and surf culture, with a punk rock vibe of the ’80s and ’90s”, while incorporating modern art trends.

“Alex Liiv is my main collaborator with the brand, bringing his own artistic flair to the Forgotten BMX brand. I often come up with the ideas and he makes those design ideas work.

“We just have a lot of fun – and I think that comes through in our bikes,” he said.

“Triple Six has taken the innovative approach of offering free skate park access or coaching with each bike sold in Victoria.”

Rampfest Indoor Skate Park
Every bike sold in Victoria before the end of August comes with either a free pass to Rampfest Indoor Skate Park in Melbourne or a free BMX skills coaching session, as further incentive to get kids on bikes. Photo credit: Rampfest Indoor Skate Park.

Chris launched Forgotten in 2008 with a goal to create an Australian brand that delivered a lot of bang for buck.

“The brand has gone through quite a few transitions over the years and we’ve come back to our original approach of focusing on just three models for the season,” he said.

This year’s base model, the Thrasher, comes with a full sealed-bearing group set for both its 18-inch and 20-inch configurations.

The mid-range Lurker and top-end Damned bring progressively more chromoly parts, along with high quality alloys in the stems and cranks.

“The Damned is designed for more advanced riders but it’s also perfect for older riders keen to get out and do some jumps or just roll around with their kids,” Chris added.

“With a long 21-inch top tube and 9.5 inch handlebars, it’s a big comfy lounge chair on wheels.”

FRGTN tyre
Forgotten’s new BMX tyre. Photo credit: Triple Six Distributions.

Further to Forgotten’s goal to get kids on bikes, Triple Six has taken the innovative approach of offering free skate park access or coaching with each bike sold. Triple Six has launched the initiative in Victoria to a large response and will soon extend the offer to retailers and buyers in NSW and Queensland.

“Our current Victorian promotion, open to any dealer, will run until the end of August. Each Forgotten bike sold comes with either a free session at the Rampfest Indoor Skate Park, one of Australia’s largest indoor skate parks, or a free coaching session.

“It can be very intimidating going to a skate park at first and this offer is about giving new riders bike control and confidence to take that step – while also helping retailers to move bikes off the floor.

“We’re aiming to run the NSW promotion this summer, with dates for Queensland to be confirmed.”

Further information about the Aftermath range of Forgotten bikes is available by contacting Triple Six headquarters on (02) 4353 9606, Chris on 0414 409359, email or, or visit


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    Great value bikes. A popular brand with the kids in my town.

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