Japanese Quality and Attention to Detail Available in Australia

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Panaracer has been manufacturing since 1952 and for most of that time, they’ve focused exclusively upon designing and manufacturing the finest bicycle tyres.

Today Panaracer makes world-class bicycle tyres for all types of cycling from road racing through to commuting, MTB and most recently, gravel.

Panaracer have collaborated with multi-discipline MTB champion Cedric Gracia of France to ensure that they’re tyre designs are cutting edge.

Over 90% of production is still made in Panaracer’s own factory in Japan where they are the nation’s only tyre manufacturer.

Panaracer have a strong gravel following and they recently added the SS (semi slick) to provide a fast rolling tyre with the proven durability of their current Gravel King range.

The SS and SS+ are the latest additions to Panaracer’s Gravel King family. Designed as a dryer condition, race-ready and fast rolling tyre, the SS and SS+ have been designed with speed, control, traction and climbing in mind.

This is the Panaracer Gravel King Semi Slick Plus in 700 x 43C sizing with the brown sidewall option.

Panaracer’s SS and SS+ feature an all-new tread pattern consisting of a smoother, diamond pattern center with more aggressive side lugs. This tread pattern allows the rider to keep speed going into corners and maintain control throughout any transition a gravel ride could present.

The Gravel King SS+ is a fast rolling gravel tyre that can also handle the rough terrain that the Gravel King SK does.

Panaracer see this as a perfect tyre in circumstances where the standard gravel king might not have enough bite, but the SK has too much.

This is the Panaracer Gravel King Semi Slick in 700 x 38C sizing with the brown sidewall option.

Panaracer tyres are exclusively distributed in Australia by SCV Imports who have the Gravel King range in stock now.

Their recommended retail pricing ranges from $90 to $125.

They’re available in 700c size in 32, 35, 38 and 43 mm width options and in 650b in 48 mm only. Most sizes come in black or brown tyre wall colour options.

For further information please visit www.scvimports.com.au or call 02 4353 2633

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