Mitas Families Offer Dealers Great Range and Value

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Although Mitas tyres have only recently infiltrated the Australian market, their history is anything but recent. Producing specialty rubber products in the Czech Republic since 1929, Mitas has grown to become Europe’s largest cycling tyre and tube manufacturer.

The Mitas range features over 90 tyre variants, so you know they have everything covered from your bread and butter to the weird and wonderful.

Mitas have a few key tyre ‘families’ that cover much of what you might expect to encounter on a daily basis. These families make it quick and easy for you and your staff to find your customer the right tyre for their needs and budget.

Mitas Flash

Mitas ‘Anti-Puncture’ Range

These are entry level, everyday commuting tyres with medium puncture resistance and a reflective stripe. They’re ideal for those getting out on the path on the weekend, or commuting to work on a budget. Mitas has 13 variations available.

Mitas ‘Stop Thorn’ Range

These are the bees knees of commuting tyres with ultra tough construction and a massive four millimetres of added puncture protection. These are the tyres every customer should be using who says, ‘I don’t like getting punctures!’ and let’s face it, those riding to work simply can’t afford to.

Over the years well-made tyres in this class have become increasingly expensive, limiting the size of their target market. With an RRP of just $69.95, the Stop Thorn range presents a value that even the most prudent customers will consider. It’s the perfect city tyre for both conventional bikes and the rapidly growing numbers of ebikes out there. Available in seven different sizes.

This cross section of the a Mitas Stop Thorn range clearly shows the light blue puncture protection layer.

Mitas ‘Ocelot’ Recreational MTB Range

Entry-level mountain bike tyres need only one characteristic. They need to be robust. The Mitas Ocelot has a thick sidewall and carcass, matched to a modern style tread. It’s a day in, day out replacement tyre coming in nine different sizes from 16 inch up to 29 x 2.35. There’s no need to stock a plethora of models and styles to complete your basic MTB range when you have the Ocelot family.

Mitas Ocelot

Mitas also boast a wide range of tyres for Prams, Kids, XC, Enduro, Road, Cyclocross and Gravel bikes, as well as tubeless accessories including sealant, valves and rim tape.

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