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Optimising materials and construction to suit an application is one thing, but for Lake, their design process extends well beyond this. For decades they’ve been focussed on optimising the fit of their shoes.

As a result they not only vary the materials, stiffness and tread to suit, they also optimise the last for the intended use. As Lake puts it, they ‘match the fit to the function’; it’s something they do with every model in their range.

Additionally, they offer a broad sizing range with both regular and wide options in most models. Between the built-for-purpose profiles and various width options, Lake aims to provide both comfort and performance for every cyclist.

To assist with the sizing process, you’ll find a comprehensive on-line size guide that provides a step-by-step process to assist with achieving optimal fit for a customer. In addition to giving clear guidelines and speeding the fitting process, it also reassures the customer they’re getting the shoe that best matches their foot.

Obviously this leads to a large number of shoe and size options but FRF Sports is backing the brand by stocking a comprehensive range covering both wide and regular fit options.

Lake CX 403 cycling shoes
With Klite Kangaroo leather uppers and a fully mouldable carbon sole, the CX 403 stands as their flagship road shoe.

Their philosophy of fit goes even further with the top-of-the-line CX 403. Retailing from approximately $499, it utilises their Race last which features a slightly narrower toe box, a tighter heel and less volume than their Competition last.

Further to this, the CX 403 utilises a heat mouldable carbon sole that can be formed to shape as many times as you like. This combined with the Klite Kangaroo leather uppers and twin BOA closure aims to deliver the ultimate in speed without compromising comfort in any way.

Lake CX 238 cycling shoes
It may be a mid-range model but the CX 238 still gets a full carbon fibre sole with full-grain water resistant leather uppers and a twin dial BOA closure.

The mid-range CX 238 utilises a Competition last, with more volume than the Race last but a profile that’s more curved than the Sport last found on models such as the CX 176. Retailing for around $299, it features a full carbon fibre sole with premium full-grain water resistant leather uppers.

Like the 403 it utilises a twin BOA closure to eliminate pressure-points and lake has added rubber heel and toe bumpers for added durability.

Lake MX 238 cycling shoes
Offering versatility that spans from gravel to XC mountain biking, the MX 238 blends both durability and comfort—on and off the bike.

Spanning many applications; from gravel to XC mountain biking or cyclocross, the MX 238 is also built around a Competition last. While it’s designed to deliver exceptional security for hard riding or racing, it still provides enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when walking or negotiating a hike-a-bike sections.

Again, a twin BOA dial closure is used. This allows for incremental adjustment and easy release while delivering an even and comfortable fit. For the $454 retail price, the MX 238 features a full carbon sole, interchangeable toe spikes for muddy conditions and abrasion resistant Helcor leather uppers.

Lake has been refining their cycling shoes since 1982. Throughout this 40-year history they’ve earnt a reputation for longevity and no-nonsense design. To discover more about becoming a stockist, get in touch with FRF Sports on 02 9182 8808 or email

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