Athletic New Peak For Ride Concepts Flat Pedal Shoes

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Mountain bike footwear specialist Ride Concepts has a new flagship flat pedal shoe, breaking away from skate stylings to offer a leaner and more athletic design.

Building on the Nevada company’s proud heritage of shoes designed by MTB riders for MTB riders, the Flume women’s shoe and Tallac men’s shoe raise the bar for grip, stability and comfort, while reducing weight with a trim and taut overall design.

Ride Concepts Cycling Shoe
Ride Concept Flumes have a fit tailored specifically to the general dimensions and characteristics of women’s feet.

“They have a crazy amount of grip and comfort on the pedal, really upping the ante on tread pattern and more aggressive lugs,” says Myles Potter, the national sales and marketing manager for Lusty Industries, which distributes Ride Concepts in Australia.

“Despite the light weight, these shoes offer tonnes of protection.

“D30 insoles optimise feedback from the trail and add protection for all those foot-out, flat-out moments.

“The Tallac and Flume really are an evolution of the brand, with a look and feel that will capture the interest of a lot more people.”

Flume and Tallac shoes each come in four options, in typical Ride Concept fashion.

“The brand is extremely granulated, with 11 different flat pedal shoes on offer and four clip options – based on what different riders want,” Myles explained.

“The Tallac and Flumes add another segment not previously captured by the company’s existing offerings.

“They’ve basically got everyone covered now. If you can think of something you want in a flat pedal shoe, these guys have it.”

While the Flume and Tallac are largely geared towards lightweight trail riding, their high level of protection and grip ensure they are equally adept for any form of flat pedal riding looking for maximum performance.

Ride Concepts Cycling Shoe
The Tallacs and Flumes provide plenty of protection and comfort, even with their trim design.

Grippiest Rubber Compound

Their soles have inherited the most grippy of Ride Concept’s three rubber compounds, for maximum connection with a flat pedal.

“Each of those compounds has been produced in a way that ensures they last much longer that what you will get from the competitors,” Myles added.

“The lug configurations have been altered slightly compared to other Ride Concept shoes. They are smaller through the centre of the shoe, for contact with the pedal, and even smaller at the heal to optimise off-bike traction.”

Their greatest advance is the under-pedal feel, courtesy of a more cushioned midsole to wrap around and into the pedal.

“They provide a little more compliance to fit within the concavity of the pedal, making them particularly suited to gravity and trail riding, while giving a heap of vibration dampening and comfort.

That comfort is enhanced by well-ventilated and fast-drying uppers, as Ride Concepts introduces Cordura materials to its shoes.

Ride Concepts Cycling Shoe
More aggressive tread patterns and lugs are examples of how the Flume, and Tallac, have evolved from previous offerings by Ride Concepts.

The Tallac and Flume share the same features. However, the Flumes have a fit tailored specifically to the general dimensions and characteristics of women’s feet.

“It’s not just a smaller version of the last used for the men’s shoes, like a lot of the competitors’ shoes,” Myles said.

“The Flume and Tallac are certainly the flagship of the 2022 range.

“They look wild and they have some wild features.”

The Tallac and Flume base model flat-pedal shoes retail for $254.95 in Australia, while both models extend up to the Clip Boa option for a retail price of $314.95.

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