Mallet Lace Stands Tall on Crankbrothers Experience

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Crankbrothers had an unrivalled foundation to develop its new Mallet Lace downhill shoes – and it fully capitalised on that advantage.

The Lace is the latest in the Mallet range and, as the name suggests, was developed from its Mallet DH pedals – which have carried more riders to high-level downhill victories than any other pedal.

So, understandably, when Crankbrothers set out to create its latest downhill shoes, the company started at the pedals and soles and worked up from there.

“They had unparalleled insight to how their pedals interact with shoes and that gives them a huge advantage in shoe design,” Lusty Industries national sales and marketing manager Myles Potter said.

“Crankbrothers had three years to develop this shoe, with a focus on how riders set up their cleats and how they prefer the feel of engagement with their shoes.

“A lot of the detail in the Mallet design comes from the soles.”

Crankbrothers team members saw professional racers cutting the cleat box on other shoes, so they could fit the cleats closer to the centre of their feet.

In response, the Mallet gives riders an extra 5mm of cleat adjustment towards the middle of the shoe, clearly marked with a red ‘Race Zone’ strip.

Mallet Lace flat pedal shoes
The Mallet Laces leave extra space to fit cleats further back towards the centre of the foot, with the additional 5mm clearly marked by a red ‘Race Zone’ strip.

Similarly, the company noticed riders were cutting away soles around the cleat so it could break away from the pedal more easily.

The response from Crankbrothers; a lug design that allow easier disconnection between cleat and pedal.

However, Crankbrothers was equally mindful of how the Mallet Lace would function with other pedals.

While Mallet Lace come pre-fitted with Crankbrothers cleats – ready to ride straight out of the box – the company did a lot of research into how these shoes would function with Shimano SPD pedals.

High Appeal With Low Weight

Some retailers find the Mallet’s low weight is its greatest selling point. At 415g per shoe for an EU 42 size, it is one of the lightest on the market.

A smarter sole design, including an extended channel for the cleat, helps remove expendable weight without sacrificing comfort, protection and effective connection to the pedal.

A synthetic upper with premium, quick-drying materials and plenty of perforations also keep the weight down, while offering breathability and adding further comfort.

Mallet Lace flat pedal shoes
While the Lace’s sole design brings many improvements for riders, the model’s light weight is a key selling point for retailers.

A laces pocket is a clever finishing touch, keeping laces safety tucked away and providing greater longevity than the basic elastic loops fitted on many rival shoes.

The Mallet Lace is also one of the first Crankbrothers shoes available with a Pump for Peace edition, with a percentage of sales going towards the Pump for Peace program establishing pump tracks in impoverished communities.

“The Lace is the entry-level shoe in the Mallet range and is a perfect option for riders ready to give clips a try,” according to Myles.

Stamp 3 Pedals

A quiet performer for Crankbrothers, the Stamp 3 pedal, has undergone a facelift that has largely flown under the radar. The overhaul in 2020 reduced its weight while adding strength, switching from aluminium to a magnesium body and applying several tweaks in its design.

Its more angular design, staying at the helm of contemporary trends, is the next step in removing material from where experience shows it’s not needed and adding more where required, including key impact zones – for maximum strength with minimal weight.

“Stamp pedals consistently exceed people’s expectations and the latest Stamp 3 will continue to surprise. There are no usage restrictions, there are two sizes available, and they are backed with a massive five-year warranty.” Myles added.

Stamp 3 pedal
The Stamp 3 upgrade includes switching from aluminium to magnesium, better bearings, a thicker spindle and a more contemporary, angular design.

“The new design also changes up the bearing system and introduces a larger diameter spindle.

“It all adds up to a strong and rigid pedal well suited to gravity-orientated riders and tackling big features.

“Visually, the Stamp 3 is an attention grabber. With fewer round edges and more square edges, it stands out from a crowded market of pedals around the $200 mark.”

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